Searching Tips:

IMPORTANT:    When browsing/navigating through a database DO NOT use your browsers back-arrow function, rather use the supplied navigation buttons which appear on the current page.
We recommend you search and not browse the ‘Used Choral Music’ Database. It is advisable to attempt to be as exact as possible in your searches as to restrict the number of items returned.

NOTE: that if you must browse a large database (or make an extremely general query), it will take a few moments to generate results, please be patient.

'Why I can't find an item I know you have???'

This is a LARGE database, initially designed for internal use here at Young's Music, the titles may not be spelled as you might expect, try restricting your search to simple keywords in the title.

for instance, lets say where looking for the song, 'Oh Happy Day!'

a search for Oh Happy Day! will turn up empty.

Try re-issuing a search command using happy or happy day

This will return several items...
the song we're looking for is entered in as O HAPPY DAY

Types of Searching:

Most queries are performed using a ‘Like’ (or fuzzy), search. This means that any item that contains the word (words, or partial word) you’re searching for will be reported regardless of case. However, there are two Fields (Publisher’s Number and Voicing) that use an Exact search, which report items ONLY if they exactly match your input.


Searchable Fields:

A list of searchable fields appears below, please note that not all fields are available for searching in every database, always check the search form to see which fields are searchable for that particular catalog.

If you have difficulty :

When performing multiple searches on a particular catalog, please be sure to click the appropriate link back to ‘New Search’ from inside the data-table view. Hitting your browser’s ‘BACK Arrow’ to return to the search page may cause the subsequent searches to fail. If you seem to be having trouble with a query, try hitting your browser’s ‘refresh’ button while at the catalog search (query) page.

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